Aerial Tollhouses

During my journey to Orthodoxy, I came across the Aerial Tollhouses. I discovered this topic to be one of those hot button issues modernizers do not like. I found it amazing that while Christians complain about fornication and sodomy all the time, they care little for the remaining toll houses. Do you think this might be part of the problem?

1. Sins of the tongue, such as empty words, dirty talk, insults, ridicule, singing worldly songs, too much or loud laughter, and similar sins.

2. Lies, which includes not only ordinary lies, but also the breaking of oaths, the violation of vows given to God, taking God’s name in vain, hiding sins during confession, and similar acts.

3. Slander. It includes judging, humiliating, embarrassing, mocking, and laughing at people, and similar transgressions.

4. Gluttony, which includes overeating, drunkenness, eating between meals, eating without prayer, not holding fasts, choosing tasty over plain food, eating when not hungry, and the like.

5. Laziness, where the soul is held accountable for every day and hour spent in laziness, for neglecting to serve God and pray, for missing Church services, and also for not earning money through hard, honest labor, for not working as much as you are paid, and all similar sins.

6. Theft, which includes stealing and robbery, whether small, big, light, violent, public, or hidden.

7. Covetousness, including love of riches and goods, failure to give to charity, and similar acts.

8. Usury, lending money at intereset (orthowiki dropped this one), loan-sharking, overpricing, and similar sins.

9. Injustice, being unjust, especially in judicial affairs, accepting or giving bribes, dishonest trading and business, using false measures, and similar sins.

10 Envy.

11. Pride, vanity, self-will, boasting, not honoring parents and civil authorities, insubordination, disobedience, and similar sins.

12. Anger and rage.

13. Remembering evil, hatred, holding a grudge, and revenge.

14. Murder, not just plain murder, but also wounding, maiming, hitting, pushing, and generally injuring people.

15. Magic, divination, conjuring demons, making poison, all superstitions, and associated acts.

16. Lust, fornication, unclean thoughts, lustful looks, unchaste touches.

17. Adultery.

18. Sodomy: bestiality, homosexuality, incest, masturbation, and all other unnatural sins.

19. Heresy: rejecting any part of Orthodox faith, wrongly interpreting it, apostasy, blasphemy, and all similar sins.

20. Unmercifulness: failing to show mercy and charity to people, and being cruel in any way.

Toll Houses