BRICS Is Not An Alternative

South Africa hosted a meeting of the BRICS countries this week. This group is being positioned as an alternative to the Anglo-American Establishment. The AAE steers the US and other Western countries that comprise world government. I listened to a cross-section of speeches by the BRICS leaders. I found little difference between the talking points of the BRICS and G7 countries. Topics relating to ESG, climate change, empowering women in the workforce(which reduces population, allows the state to raise the children and increases tax revenues which are skimmed by the internationalist financial class.), sustainable growth and clean energy were ever-present.

The meeting had been hyped as a launching pad for a gold-backed reserve currency. Navigating through the wave of articles online has yielded few clarifying results of what is actually being proposed. The main takeaway is that BRICS is expanded. I expect a rebranding of sorts as the new Hegelian dialectic will need to be marketed with maximum efficacy. The revolutionary technology of internationalist finance is coming out with a new revision.

The idea of a gold-backed reserve currency is all marketing PR from what I have seen so far. I would love to be wrong. I do not expect the BRICS currency will be redeemable in specie. I hope I am wrong on this as well. My prediction is that they will sell the gold narrative to promote the adoption of the BRICS currency while in reality applying a bait-and-switched approach in the end. The internationalist debt-based fiat system which has driven consolidation and control for centuries will not be going anywhere. You will not be voting on it.

The big takeaway is the elite are moving away from the previous model of US hegemony which they have exploited to the max. They have been signaling the scuttling of Project USA in internationalist periodicals for years. We seem to be in the next phase of consolidation which will seem to bring equity and prosperity to those disenfranchised by US imperialism. In reality, the march of world government continues with a new cast of characters. More consolidation and control to follow.

BRICS is itself a creation of the AAE. Notice the term BRIC was first coined by Lord Jim O’Neill…

“Who coined the acronym BRICS in 2001, talks to us about the future of the bloc and its implications for Africa. Jim O’Neill coined the acronym BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India, China) more than 20 years ago in a seminal paper he wrote while chief economist of Goldman Sachs.”

I had hoped that this individual was some obscure and unknown individual. It would seem that he is a member of Chatham House. The operating center of the Royal Institute of International Affairs. The grand lodge, if you will, of the CFR’s Pratt House.

“Lord O’Neill of Gatley is a member of the House of Lords, sitting on the cross benches since he stepped down as Commercial Secretary to the Treasury in September 2016.

In July 2021, Lord O’Neill became a member of the panel of Senior Advisors to Chatham House, having finished his term as Chair.”

The elites have talked openly about their plans to move power to the East for decades and now it is happening. The lords of international finance have been planning their system for centuries.

Remember Psalm 145

Trust ye not in princes, in the sons of men, in whom there is no salvation.