To The Victor Go The Myths & Monuments

I recently completed the book by Arthur Thompson, former CEO of the John Birch Society.

To The Victor Go The Myths & Monuments: The History of the First 100 Years of the War Against God and the Constitution, 1776 – 1876, and Its Modern Impact


I had heard of Art’s work on Lincoln which contradicts the Civics Class hagiographies available in most United Soviet States of America classrooms.

Having been a long-time student of the lies promulgated by the establishment about Lincoln, I thought I would give this one a go. I was not expecting the book to be quite so heavy. It is a large book with over 600 pages. The first book I read on the subject was, Forced Into Glory,  by Lerone Bennett Jr. I have since read Tom Di Lorenzos work. Not all. You can see all of Tom’s books by searching online with his name and Lincoln.

Lincoln was the American equivalent of Lenin in Russia. He promulgated the same fundamental ideology. He was backed by the same European conspiratorial ideologies.

The author goes into great detail. He follows the ideology of the German front groups established by the Bavarian Illuminati. He shows how the conspiracy took over the Masons. He discusses the leadership at the founding of the United States having many members involved with the conspiracy. He discusses the Communist experiments that peppered the US. Some of these communes are listed below.

New Harmony
Brook Farm
American Union of Associationists (AUA) was a national organization of supporters of the economic ideas of Charles Fourier

The author did not mention the Mormon attempt at an antebellum socialist commune in the USA. The United Order of Enoch was an attempt by the early LDS to form their own utopian socialist society. The project was abandoned for printing their own money and a more capitalistic approach. I suspect this was to keep the LDS money flowing into JBS. This brings us to the founding of the Republican Party. This party was originally established in Ripon, Wisconsin. The party was founded by members of or close associates of another socialist commune experiment known as Ceresco. This community was named after Ceres, the goddess of the harvest. When this community failed it collapsed into the town of Ripon. It was here in 1854 that the Republican Party was established.

One of the key founders of the Republican party was Horace Greeley. Read the book or do more research if you would like. The takeaway is that the Republican party was founded by socialists looking forward to converting the smaller federal pre-civil war government into the behemoth we see today. The connections to Marx by the Republicans and Lincoln are unassailable. Marx was simply a frontman for a much larger movement of internationalist finance and commerce. Lincoln was agnostic at best and likely more in alignment with spiritism of some type. Lincoln packed his administration with communists and illuminists if a distinction can be made. Many of the participants in the Communist uprisings in Germany and Europe in the year 1848 were instrumental in the invasion and subjection of the Southern States.

Lincoln is claimed by Rosicrucians to have been one of three ruling members of their society.

Other groups working for a new world order.
-Skull and Bones referred to throughout the book as the Order.
-Knights of the Golden Circle <=> Klu Klux Klan (kuklos circle in Greek)
-Council on Foreign Relations

The book continues from the end of the genocidal and completely unnecessary Civil War up until the present time describing the victories of the conspiracy over the once great USA.

While the book is a fascinating treasure trove of interesting information, I do not agree with the presuppositions and conclusions of the author and John Birch Society.

The author is constantly championing the demonic term Judeo-Christian. This term is itself a term pushed by the conspiracy. It is Orwellian. There is no such thing as Judeo-Christian.

The author has a chiliastic view of the United States. Having gone through the public brainwashing school system, having gone through the classical liberal mindset, and having adopted a Libertarian viewpoint, I have come to reject all the previous presuppositions. I continue to study Orthodox Christianity. The hard Truth you discover when analyzing the government of the US, the more you realize that the whole system is revolutionary and contrary to Scripture and the Holy Fathers. From what I have seen the USA was never run by anything other than revolutionary technology. The ways it was successful was in the ways it mirrored the Christian Monarchies of Europe. The ordained form of government is a Christian Monarchy. The anointed king rules together with the church. Both are ruled by Christ as King.

Where does that leave us as Christians living in the USA? Ultimately, no form of government will be perfect until the final judgment. We should push for Christian leaders. We should embrace Truth and reject falsehood. The government is there to chastise the faithful as much as the evildoers. We must resist evil and there are ways to do this by voting. It will not be until we give up our revolutionary spirit and the worship of the revolutionary saints that we will have a chance to see True Christianity really take hold in the US. The health of Christians and The Church is typically greatest under difficulty and persecution.

One final point of disagreement with the author is his apologetic justification for Freemasonry. Freemasonry has always been a secretive gnostic movement. Its involvement in overthrowing Christianity and Christian governments is well documented. The perfectability of man through some type of secret knowledge or ancient mystery school is Luciferian and blasphemous. The perfectability of man is found in Christ alone.