Lawn Mower Repair Deck Support Plate

I love my Husqvarna TS 354D Swedish lawn tractor. My Swedish relatives have one small engineering flaw. The front deck bolt plate can bend backwards causing the front of the deck to dip into the ground. Root cause: Using tractor as a leaf dozer in the fall.

I pulled the plate off and bent it back by pounding it on a 3-inch heavy-duty pipe with a sledgehammer. I found a picture of the part online so that I could replicate the angle of a non-bent plate. Husqvarna Deck Suspension Bracket, Front RR 585338801

I welded some gusseting on the underside of the plate so that the issue should not reoccur. Painted black. Hopefully, I will be able to use it as a leaf dozer in the future without issue.

Hopefully, the gusseting will not be in the way when I mount it.

20240211_111919 20240211_111924 20240211_112920 20240211_112935 20240211_113534 20240211_113549 Deck Suspension Bracket 585338801 20240211_111915