My Thoughts On Saint Paisios

Lutheran moving toward Orthodoxy. Fact: Masons took over Orthodox Patriarchates in 1920s, established Masonic Orthodoxy (World Orthodoxy) pushing for Ecumenism. Adopted Papal Calendar. Response: Orthodox Flee. Orthodox stay under Masonic changes.

When I mention this, World Orthodox respond like Mohammedans/papists by moving around the issue.

Paisios is a great man in so many ways. I am not convinced he is a saint. Statements attributed to him have problems. e.g. Greeks retaking Constantinople. 16 million people don’t seem likely to be moving anywhere absent of converting to Orthodoxy. Commander dies before leading the charge.

His statements about the European Union are problematic. “It won’t last for many years,” he said. “It would be destroyed by the Brits and Americans, because they are one nation and work together. They say, what’s going on here? Is Hitler rearing his head again? And that’s how they’ll dissolve it.”

A student of history understands that the “Brits and Americans” (Anglo-American establishment), created the EU. Carroll Quigley was writing about its creation in the 1960s by the US and British Elites. Even if you consider 30 years “not long” his disconnect from the Truth is concerning. The comment about Hitler is interesting. Hitler is also a creation of the Anglo-American establishment and financial elite. They needed a weird gnostic masonic theosophy religion (National Socialism) to prevent there being an Orthodox Monarchy growing up in central Europe to oppose them.