Lefse – Making Scandinavian Gold

Lefse is a well known Scandinavian treat. Our family used to make the annual pilgrimage to Scandia Bakery in Stanwood, WA every Christmas Eve. We would stop on our way down to visit family in the Seattle area.

Years later, my wife and I decided to learn how to make Lefse on our own. We visited Lefse Time and watched youtube to learn how.

This is how we make lefse.

Ingredients Calculator

Boil a bunch of russet potatoes. Make them like you are going to mash them. Figure 2 pounds per batch.

Drain the potatoes.

Rice the potatoes. We bought a Norpro Stainless Steel Commercial Potato Ricer as it makes the job go much quicker.


Cut the butter into pads and mix into the hot potatoes. We normally rice 8 cups into a Pampered Chef Batter Bowl. 1/2 Cup butter per 8 cups riced potatoes.


Once the butter is thoroughly mixed into the potatoes, we place them into a 32 cup tupperware bowl with lid. We add more of our buttered riced potatoes until full. I smooth the top out evenly and push on the lid. We keep them in a cool place just above freezing overnight.


I recommend having more of these large bowls than Lefse dough. The next day I cut the dough in half by eye. I then dump half of the dough into another container and set it aside. I mix in the heavy cream, sugar, salt and flower.

I knead the dough in my hands for a few minutes while working in all the ingredients. I like to pick the ball of dough out of the bowl and squish it between my hands in a ball. It should be slightly sticky but easy to smooth out.

I place the kneaded dough back into the bowl and begin rolling the rounds. Make a ball roughly the size of a satsuma orange. Roll it until it is a smooth ball and smash it flat slightly before placing it on a sheet of parchment paper on a cookie sheet. Repeat this process until all the dough is gone.

Get to rolling. It goes much more quickly to have multiple rolling kits and multiple griddle. The kits from Bethany are hard to beat. I prefer using the teflon coated griddle. It might not be super healthy but it does a great job and is easy to clean.


I set the griddle to 500 degrees on the dial. Once it is heated up, I use the lefse stick to transfer the rolled sheet of lefse onto the griddle. It might take some mistakes to get the hang of it.

The lefse will start to bubble when it is cooking. You might peak under the corner to see how it is coming. I like my lefse to have golden brown spots. If it gets black spots it is cooking for too long. (At least that is my opinion. Once both sides are done, place the lefse under towels so that it does not dry out. Normally we put down a standard bath towel. Then we place a tea towel on top of the bath towel. The lefse will sit on this tower. Then I place another tea towel on top of the lefse. I like to place another bath towel over this. Lefse that dries out too much is no fun. Continue rolling and cooking until all the dough is gone. We let the lefse cool under the towels until it is barely warm. Then we take 3 rounds and fold them in half. We put them into gallon zip-lock freezer bags. Some we save in the refrigerator. The rest we freeze and enjoy all year.

Good luck with all your lefse fun!

KYKLOCHRONOS-Nascent Venture Published

Merry Christmas 2017. This last year has been filled with an amazing assortment of ups and downs. I continue to share in the successes and challenges of my wife’s college education. This last year, while I was not working on Hotel Networks, Radio Networks, Rental Properties or Technical Certifications. I managed to write my first book. Nascent Venture is the story of four friends in a different universe than our own. They are an advanced race of beings. They are bound by a desire to understand the universe in which they live. The idea for my book was born during a trip in our Tahoe to the Seattle area. Traveling south around Arlington my wife checked Facebook to determine when a past event in our lives took place. I was intrigued by the fact that our lives are documented today to such a degree that we can roll back the clock on our digital selves to reveal what our real selves are unable to recall with clarity. Extrapolating the current state of our technology into the future I determined that the destiny of the human experiment is to merge with the machines and transcend the universe of scarcity and malady. The flaw in the current course of humanity is the belief that the course of the universe is linear. Life grows out of matter and with time, advances to become masters of the universe. This belief is fundamental to the modern zeitgeist. We believe we are the highest form of achievement on earth and the solar system. The truth of the matter is that our current state of technological achievement is created by advanced beings which exist outside of the three dimensional plane of existence. They feed on the energy produced by the higher self of every living soul. The universes are in a constant cycle of perfection, fall, separation and destruction. By attempting to insert a soul into a machine, the energy of the soul evaporates from the universal plane. The higher entities believe this process enables them to harvest the souls’ connections to the underlying power of the universe. In reality the universe begins to destroy itself as the potential of the separation reaches such a magnitude as to effectively implode the surface layers of the universe through all of the deeper unseen dimensions. In the destruction the old universe ceases to exist. It is effectively swallowed up into the infinite power of hyperficial intelligence.

KYKLOCHRONOS was created after moving to our home in the Midwest. The etymology is Greek. It means cycle-time or circle-time.

Nascent Venture is the first book in the series. It is a new venture as the characters only dip their toe into the rabbit hole which is the KYKLOCHRONOS framework. It was a lot of work. I hope others can have as much fun reading it as I have had writing it.

Book Website

Atypical Netflix Series

Tonight I discovered the Netlfix series Atypical. The show focuses mostly on the main character Sam. He is a young man on the Autism Spectrum who is dealing with the challenges of High School and dating. The show focuses primarily on his social interactions and family dynamics. I have not seen a scene involving Sam that has not reminded me of some funny memory or difficult time growing up.

The awareness that this show will create for the ASD community will be good. It will also create some stereotypes which don’t cover all the different variation which can exist across the spectrum.

This show is not for younger viewers. Viewer discretion advised.