My life began in Bellingham, WA in 1980. My parents met in Bellingham. Mother was going to school at Western and my father was a Navy guy starting his company in the late 1960s. My older sister was born first and then I came along. My early years were spent getting into things and pulling things apart. I always loved trying to understand how things worked by taking them apart. From a young age I was interested in building just about anything. When other kids were asking for toys I was asking for hammers and nails so that I could build tree forts.

I started preschool at Immmanuel Lutheran Church. Primary school was spent at Harmony Elementary. From an early age I was drafted into the Able Learners. I had a lot of behavioral problems up until fourth grade. I just could not stay busy enough to stay out of trouble. I was involved in sports from a young age. Wrestling, Soccer, Basketball, and Baseball were the sports I played regularly. Before these sports I took part in swimming and gymnastics. I was always really bored with sports but enjoyed the running around. Smith Road was our bicycle turf. Up and down the road we would ride all the time. We thought we were the best sales people when it came to raising money for our fundraisers. If only the real world were so charitable.

From as early as elementary school I discovered my love for educational programming. Back in those days the educational channels were not watered down with reality swill. I loved science and history programs. I also found that I had the ability to remember movies that I really loved verbatim. I had an amazing memory and ability to recall strange facts that other people would not waste brain cells to store. I also had an unwavering ability to focus on projects.

My body has been hypersensitive for as long as I can remember. Sound, touch, light, smell, and taste all can be the most amazing sensations or overwhelm me with so much over stimulation that I feel like cowering in a fetal position in the corner. I have been gifted with musical talent from a young age. I love to sing and listen to disciplined and harmonic music. The underlying order of well produced music makes me transcend the mundane world and achieve a higher plane of consciousness. I like quiet environments. If I am in a situation with other people I like intellectual conversations where everyone takes turns talking and no more than one person talks at a time.

I had a very difficult time adjusting to Junior High School. Elementary school was very static and predictable. Junior high was unpredictable with a whole lot more social requirements. The changing environment required a lot of work. Bus riding was a nightmare. My elementary ride was very short. Junior high meant spending a lot of time stuck in a bus for an hour every day with all the stimulation that made me cringe. I learned ways to adapt. Over the years I have developed an ability to power through tough situations.

I spent a lot of time growing up in an electronics repair shop. I learned about basic DC/AC power systems by pulling apart TVs and VCRs that were beyond repair. I remember building a Rube Goldberg machine that had many different elements made up of DC motors, switches, and linear actuators. This was a big hit for a science project. I also built a large seven segment LED from toggle switches and LEDs with resistors mounted in a project box. I loved tractors from an early age. I worked a summer for a neighbor and earned an old Gibson tractor. It needed a lot of work but I was determined to get it working. I rebuilt and painted the tractor. I rebuilt the transmission with all new gears, seals, and bearings. Around this time I also started employing many of the skills that I had learned by watching the home improvement shows on the education channels. My father and I converted the garage in his house into a hot tub room. We also built the offices and upstairs storage at his work.

I learned from a young age that repetitive motions had a calming effect as long as it was coupled to a productive activity. I have always been a digger. I have dug trenches, ponds, gardens, and just about anything else that requires a shovel. I have loved gardening since I was in diapers. I have had a hoe in my hand since shortly after I could hold a bottle. The miracle that occurs from seed to harvest cannot be described, you must experience it.

I started collecting tools in earnest in Junior High and High School. I assembled a very nice wood shop. I really enjoyed wood shop classes in Junior High and High School. I started in the standard classes and found I had a knack for craftmanship and an eye for quality.

I discovered my love of metal working in High School. The nature of steel speaks to my soul. The strength and certainty of a well constructed metal project outperforms wood hands down. A weld can be placed in short order and when cooled bonds metal together almost instantly. With a little heat metal turns to hot butter and can be bent like licorice. The love of steel work fit well with the tower construction of this period of my life.

I attended Western Washington University after High School and received my Bachelor’s Degree in Management Information Systems. My skills with RF, AC/DC Power systems, computers and networking led to an exciting career in Wireless Information Technology. I was fortunate to have been hired by Clearwire when the company was quite small. It was a very memorable experience working with such an advanced wireless technology. I worked for Ericsson for a short time after we were outsourced from Clearwire to Ericsson. I returned to the family business and helped work on some major projects.

In 2005 I was married to my beautiful wife. Together we have raised an amazing daughter. We lived together in Everson, WA for many years and in 2015 moved to South Dakota to pursue professional development. We continue to seek to do God’s will in this world.