My Thoughts On Saint Paisios

Lutheran moving toward Orthodoxy. Fact: Masons took over Orthodox Patriarchates in 1920s, established Masonic Orthodoxy (World Orthodoxy) pushing for Ecumenism. Adopted Papal Calendar. Response: Orthodox Flee. Orthodox stay under Masonic changes.

When I mention this, World Orthodox respond like Mohammedans/papists by moving around the issue.

Paisios is a great man in so many ways. I am not convinced he is a saint. Statements attributed to him have problems. e.g. Greeks retaking Constantinople. 16 million people don’t seem likely to be moving anywhere absent of converting to Orthodoxy. Commander dies before leading the charge.

His statements about the European Union are problematic. “It won’t last for many years,” he said. “It would be destroyed by the Brits and Americans, because they are one nation and work together. They say, what’s going on here? Is Hitler rearing his head again? And that’s how they’ll dissolve it.”

A student of history understands that the “Brits and Americans” (Anglo-American establishment), created the EU. Carroll Quigley was writing about its creation in the 1960s by the US and British Elites. Even if you consider 30 years “not long” his disconnect from the Truth is concerning. The comment about Hitler is interesting. Hitler is also a creation of the Anglo-American establishment and financial elite. They needed a weird gnostic masonic theosophy religion (National Socialism) to prevent there being an Orthodox Monarchy growing up in central Europe to oppose them.

Lawn Mower Repair Deck Support Plate

I love my Husqvarna TS 354D Swedish lawn tractor. My Swedish relatives have one small engineering flaw. The front deck bolt plate can bend backwards causing the front of the deck to dip into the ground. Root cause: Using tractor as a leaf dozer in the fall.

I pulled the plate off and bent it back by pounding it on a 3-inch heavy-duty pipe with a sledgehammer. I found a picture of the part online so that I could replicate the angle of a non-bent plate. Husqvarna Deck Suspension Bracket, Front RR 585338801

I welded some gusseting on the underside of the plate so that the issue should not reoccur. Painted black. Hopefully, I will be able to use it as a leaf dozer in the future without issue.

Hopefully, the gusseting will not be in the way when I mount it.

20240211_111919 20240211_111924 20240211_112920 20240211_112935 20240211_113534 20240211_113549 Deck Suspension Bracket 585338801 20240211_111915

AI Artwork Neologisms

The field of AI image generation is fascinating. Never before has artwork been so easy to produce at massive scale and diversity. The generation of beauty is an energy we humans share with God. This technology has tremendous possibilities and dangers. Some use it to produce beauty. Others use it to depict ludeness, hideousness, darkness and evil. We must focus on the good, virtuous and beautiful.

New technology requires new terms.

Humanigen: Character generated by a computer image generation program resembling a human.

Manigen: Character generated by a computer image generation program resembling a male human. This term can also refer to all computer generations which look like either a human man or woman.

Womanigen: Character generated by a computer image generation program resembling a female human.

Animaligen: Character generated by a computer image generation program resembling an animal.

Demonigen: Character generated by a computer image generation program resembling a demon.

Mutiligen: Character generated by a computer image generation program which is abhorrent mutilation nature and reality.

I could go on and on. You append igen on the end of the standard word to clarify that this image is created with a computer algorithm.

20 Aerial Toll Houses Patristic Witness

I am trying to catch up on Prologue recordings. Interesting to note that the Saints specifically call out 20 tollhouses….

January 12th / December 30th

Theodora was a nun and servant of St. Basil the New (March 26). After her death, she appeared to St. Gregory, a disciple of Basil, and described for him all twenty toll-houses through which her soul had passed until, through the prayers of St. Basil, she had entered into eternal rest. Theodora presented herself to the Lord on December 30, 940.

Noah’s Ark Icon

Noah’s Ark came to rest over our fireplace in the living room.

Righteous Νώε preserver of man a nd namesake of our family. Pray for us. That we might choose righteousness and make it aboard the Ark of Christ.

Noahs Arc


My Name Is Bryan. I am a lefse addict.

#lefseaddict What manner of sorcery prevented me from eating the last two bags of Scandinavian gold in the freezer? How old are they? 1 year? 2 years? I know not. Freezer burned? A little. More butter. More cinnamon and sugar. YES PLEASE! What an unmitigated disaster if we had wasted these beauties.